Limited to 25.

April 30th

8pm & 9pm


Otion Front Studio presents


W/ Duncan Moore



Headband (Duncan Moore) presents new works conceived and developed in the Otion Front Studio Artist-in-Residence program during the month of April entitled GIMIX INDEX.  The piece is realized through a compositional approach wherein a simple idea or element of performance is isolated, articulated and elaborated on to tease out the deeper, underlying coded language contained within.  The resulting index of these gestures and movements are then presented in a systematic framework for performance using an array of sound triggers and lights throughout the space to further heighten the sensory atmosphere.


Duncan Moore is an interdisciplinary artist and performer from Baltimore, MD.  He works mostly in the realm of sound and movement and usually performs under the moniker Headband.  Headband is technically an electronic music project but tends heavily towards movement-based zones.  He runs an archival imprint called American Roses Media which catalogs the work of friends nationwide as well as his own.  He will be on tour in Europe later in the Spring in a collaboration with Max Eilbacher.


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