Otion Front Studio serves as a physical platform for the exploration of movement through a poetic means of processing information. As we delve deeper into constantly changing paradigms, Otion Front aims to invoke experimental ontologies in dance, performance and sound. We offer workshops and events as well as a monthly residency program dedicated to exploring performative arts. 

Established in March 2014


We equally run OFS, so you can ask any of us anything. If you have specific inquiries refer to a specific coordinator below.

Monica Mirabile, Founder        [monica@otionfront.com]

Sigrid Lauren, Dance Art Video           [sigridlauren@gmail.com]

Sarah Kinlaw, Special Events                   [SaraheKinlaw@gmail.com]

Kathleen Dycaico, OFS Residencies          [kathleen.dycaico@gmail.com] 

Jerome Bwire, Workshops               [jeromebwire@gmail.com] 

Tara-Jo Tashna, Rehearsals           [otionfront@gmail.com]


Images provided by Olympia Dior