Otion Front Resident Rachel Ruth Lewallen will be presenting her residency showcase at Secret Project Robot on July 1st.


OFSAIR Presents:


Rachel Ruth Lewallen


A young woman has just consumed a rare and dangerous drug known as TR79. As the drug takes hold, she is revisited by the voice of her Father, who has briefly returned from the afterlife to guide her through her trip. He describes the drug’s effects: TR79 presents a puzzle which must be solved over the course of just one hour. Using only the tools of Wind, Water, and The Power of Her Own Heart, she must rescue her wife and child from the capture of an evil loveless King. If unsuccessful, she will descend permanently into the drug, lost to her love and to her family. RRLEW invites you to join her on and inside of this journey through fantasy, chaos, heartbreak, ecstasy, and love. This piece is written in honor of John David Lewallen, who himself also had a very powerful heart).

Reserve tickets by sending $12 via VENMO to otionfront@gmail.com

or purchase at the door while they last.


Otion Front Studio is a physical space dedicated to the exploration of movement through a poetic means of processing information. As we delve deeper into constantly changing paradigms, Otion Front aims to invoke experimental ontologies in art, performance, dance and sound. We primarily offer personal rehearsal space as well as various workshops, events and a monthly residency program exploring performative arts. 

Established in March 2014