Otion Front is a rehearsal studio for performance, dance, movement, sound, vocal and personal practices. In addition to hourly rehearsal, we rent the space for personal events, photoshoots, video and workshops.



Annual membership fee: $20

Regular rehearsal:   $10/hour.      

Personal workshop:    $20/hour

Personal Event:    $20/ hour

PHOTO/ VIDEO:   $200 per day


First you have to become a new member!

This requires filling out some info, paying the $20 annual fee and completing the liability form. (click below)


 [Studio Space is available on request, please allow a 24 hour response time for efficiency but if you see a last minute opening feel free to email. ]

1. Click the button above to become a new member.

2. Please refer to the calendar at the bottom of this page for availability.

3. Click on the button below and fill out the form.

4. Renter will receive confirmation email with date and time confirmed.

5. Pay rental fees at time of rehearsal.

6. If you would like to request multiple days, send multiple requests.




1. There is absolutely no street shoes, food, drinks, or smoking permitted in studio.

2. Studio is intended for dance, movement, and performative arts rehearsal, classes, and video/photo shoots, but if you have an idea please ask us about it in an email.

3. Renter understands the difference in rates and is responsible for full payment at the time of studio rental.

4. There is a 48 hour notice cancellation policy.  Renter may cancel request 48 hours prior to use.  If the renter cancels within 48 hours, the renter is still responsible for full payment.



FLOOR: 13' x 19'    White Marley padded floors

MIRROR: 18'  Wall 

PROJECTOR: Permanent Hitachi projector with universal mac input cable. Covers the entire back wall 13' wide, 15' tall.

SOUND: Behringer Ultra-compact 8-channel PA system with dual speakers and detachable 500 Watt powered mixer, Microphone and amplifier.

LIGHT: LED par can, 3 track lights with color changing and remote operated bulbs, yellow ceiling bulb, additional clamp lights for optional use.

SPACE: fits about 10 for yoga classes, 4-7 for movement rehearsals. 12-17 for singing or limited movement sessions. Please send an email to set up an orientation for further questions on space allowance.


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