The Artist-in-Residence program at Otion Front is a month-long intensive, intended as a shotgun productive period to allow artists to create and show work in a unique and nurturing artistic space. Otion Front is interested in artists who explore movement through contemporary means of processing information - to be interpreted poetically. Otion Front is interested in artists who are bold with their emotional and corporeal experience. Otion Front is interested in creating an artistic dialogue and fostering immersive experience and/or new ways of showing work.

June 2018 Artist in Residence-

Rachel Ruth Lewallen- 

July 1st, 8pm at Secret Project Robot (1186 Broadway)

Rachel Ruth Lewallen (RRLEW) is a performance artist currently based out of Brooklyn, NY.  Hailing previously from Rhode Island and North Carolina, RRLEW uses the materials of technology (music/voices made by a computer), lights, movement, costume, and speech to build Rube Golderberg Machine-like live performances that transport audiences through fantasy realities, perverted nightmares, profound heartbreaks, moments of beauty, sadness, humor, and manic joy. RRLEW uses these strange worlds (which are built only for the purpose of being destroyed), as test sites for her own twisted ideas about lesbianism, Gay Conversion Therapy, southern queerness, vulnerability, Aileen Wuornos, club music, mad scientists, traffic court judges in New England, the comedic absurdity that is the white heterosexual cis man, kink, TaTU, and whatever the hell else she's into at the moment. Her work is fairly un-intellectual on purpose and has been presented at The Perez Art Museum Miami, The Lab, and in countless DIY queer/punk/noise spaces across the country. She beyond honored to be this month's artist in residence at Otion Front Studio <3

May 2018 Artist in Residence-

Nile Harris- The rise and fall of the Huxtable family

May 29th, 8pm at Secret Project Robot (1186 Broadway)

Nile Harris is a Brooklyn based performer and theatre maker. Fascinated with the idea that theatrical events, through the live nature of their existence, become a part of history. He creates events that re-contextualize historical images of black bodies in an attempt to write a version of history where God was created in his image. Nile’s performances are a reaction to the absurdity of the black experience in Amerikkka—being the living product of a country that brought us here but did not want us here. His work has been presented at The Watermill Center, Dixon Place, Miami Art Walk, and SoleTree Barn. He currently performs for 600 HIGHWAYMEN and has performed Off-Broadway in ‘Occupied Territories’ and on television in ‘The Path’ (Hulu) and ‘Masterclass’ (HBO). He is excited to be in residence at Otion Front and develop and present a new work-in-progress ‘The Rise and Fall of the Huxtable Family’ at the end of May at Secret Project Robot!


April 2018  Artist in Residence -

Jes Nelson- The club can't even handle me right now

May 1st, 8pm at Secret Project Robot (1186 Broadway)

Jes Nelson is a Brooklyn based artist, entrepreneur, dancer, performer and choreographer. Her lifelong exposure to the wild fluctuation of dance instruction ranging from rigid ballet to deep subconscious throttle jams have lead her to develop a new piece as part of the Otion Front Studio Residency program where she has spent the last month in studio.

In ‘The club can’t even handle me right now’, Jes Nelson provides us with a particular lens into the dramatic structure of the dance space while portraying the dynamic function of the body in group movement. A cast of 15 performers lead you through a ballet where the camera is prima ballerina and you are in class.

To reserve a ticket: Venmo monica-mirabile $10


 April &nbsp;'18 -Jes Nelson

April  '18 -Jes Nelson

 March '18 -&nbsp;Nicholas Grubbs

March '18 - Nicholas Grubbs

 February '18 -&nbsp;Devonn Francis

February '18 - Devonn Francis

The Otion Front residency is currently by nomination only. However, if you feel called to apply, please send 3 work samples, a brief artist statement and a brief proposal to We will keep your information in mind for future residency cycles.

Artists receive:
40 hours total (10 hours per week) of free rehearsal space at the Otion Front studio
A final show coordinated by Otion Front & advertised on all of our social media platforms
A halfway show critique with the members of Otion Front