The Artist-in-Residence program at Otion Front is a month-long intensive, intended as a shotgun productive period to allow artists to explore ways of activating life. We are interested in artists who explore movement through contemporary means of processing information - to be interpreted poetically, artists who are bold and generous with their emotional and corporeal experience. We are interested in new models of performing and new modes of living.


October 2019 Artist in Residence-

Caroline Schub- 

October at Otion Front Studio

Caroline Schub is a multi-media artist [b. 1990] from the Hudson Valley, New York. Her method of image-creation has more in common with the labor of construction work than with the weaving of dreams. Schub’s understanding of her body’s capacity for degeneration forms the double-edged sword that inspires her work.


August 2019 Artist in Residence-

Aarron Ricks- 

August 30th at Otion Front Studio

Aarron is a breakout improvisational movement artist who uses obscure, raw, gestural, evolutionary, and adaptive movement to create organic storytelling experiences. Drawing inspiration from their personal history and work as an art model, their work transcends genres, mediums, and technologies. 

Aarron started their movement and performative journey in 2016 with Monica Mirabile and Sarah Kinlaw’s  “Authority Figure” as part of Otion Front Studio. 


April 2019 Artist in Residence-

Melodie Stancato- 

May 2nd at Otion Front Studio

Melodie Stancato is a sound & movement artist and tarot reader in Brooklyn.  Her research focuses on the symbiotic relationships between self-care and artistry; between home and world.  Using her home as both performance space and ritual site, Melodie explores ways to learn and heal through the body - documenting these practices in video, writing, and performance.  She uses improvised movement to process trauma related to care, intimacy, and maternal wounds. With contact mics attached to her body, Melodie creates ambient soundscapes to accompany and inform her movement.  As Otion Front’s April Artist-in-Resident, Melodie will be exploring radical forms of care from the personal to the social. She will also be offering free tarot readings every Sunday throughout April to provide a container for others to explore matrilineal trauma.


March 2019 Artist in Residence-

Zia Anger- 

March 28th at Otion Front Studio

Zia Anger works in moving images. Her most recent short MY LAST FILM premiered at the 53rd New York Film Festival. In 2015 her short I REMEMBER NOTHING had its world premiere at New Directors/New Films and its international premiere at Festival del film Locarno. Zia has made music videos for various artists including: Angel Olsen, Mitski, Julianna Barwick, Beach House, Maggie Rogers, and Jenny Hval; the latter of whom she also toured with - as a performer and stage director. Memorable performances include: Pitchfork Music Festival, Basilica Soundscape, Oya Festivalen. In 2018 she began touring a new solo performance that traces the last ten-years of her lost and abandoned work, titled “My First Film”.

February 2019 Artist in Residence-

YATTA (Yatta Zoker)- 

March 4th at Secret Project Robot

YATTA is an interdisciplinary artist, digipoet, and musician. They use incantations born of loop pedal drones, channeled screams, and improvised poetry to explore connections between psychosis, prayer, and presence. This year, they are working on a record in conjunction with a theatrical production commissioned by The Shed. 


January 2019 Artist in Residence-

Jenna Cecilia- 

Sunday January 27th- 7:30 & 8:30pm

Jenna Cecilia is a multidisciplinary artist who performs and creates music under the moniker Gurl Crush. She is a native New Yorker who has recently made her return to NY after a 6-year cycle exploring different facets of America. Naturally involved in the spiritual realm, Jenna has been channeling her own form of meditation through movement since early childhood. She combines dance as a form of undoing and opening along with sound and light therapy to promote healing. Her focus is strongly centered on welcoming the influx of life and information while attempting to combat the residual toxicities past the point of service. Jenna is currently enrolled in the Fabric Styling program at The Fashion Institute of Technology and works in production.

The Otion Front residency is currently by nomination only. However, if you feel called to apply, please send 3 work samples, a brief artist statement and a brief proposal to We will keep your information in mind for future residency cycles.

Artists receive:
40 hours total (10 hours per week) of free rehearsal space at the Otion Front studio A halfway show critique with the members of Otion Front
A final show coordinated by Otion Front & advertised on all of our social media platforms