Otion Front Studio is a physical space exploring a poetic means of processing information through movement. The ‘front’ implies its alterior motive toward emergent strategy. As we delve deeper into constantly changing paradigms, Otion Front aims to invoke new models through art, performance, dance and sound. We offer a rehearsal space for just $10/hour, various workshops, small scale performance events and a monthly residency program.

All held in the intimate space of the studio itself.


Tarot Readings with Melodie.

Throughout the month of April Melodie will be offering free tarot readings every Sunday at Otion Front studio (by appointment only). These readings will intend to facilitate explorations of trauma related to care, intimacy & maternal wounds.

For Melodie, tarot is a vehicle to guide us in a process of introspection - it turns our attention inward rather than outward. As she sees it, a tarot spread in which each card itself represents a different archetype of experience, becomes a physical manifestation of our internal processing, where our own personal experiences and relationships are reflected in a given arrangement of images. Through tarot we can engage in acts of mirroring. It enables us to see ourselves, to become witnesses to ourselves. It is a tool for deepening, and it is available to anyone.

Please email Melodie at otionfront@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Rita Minissi

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