Otion Front resident Destiny Be will be presenting her showcase at Secret Project Robot on August 29th.

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OFSAIR Presents:


Destiny Be



Destiny Be Bio, b. 1990

Destiny Be was raised in Maryland, in a Black suburban enclave of Washington DC. A mover and a dancer from an early age, she was trained in ballet through childhood to adolescence , and continued to practice and enjoy movement. In 2009, she moved to New York to attend Parsons school of Design, and has since resided in Brooklyn. As an artist she integrates many disciplines to explore speculative futures and project her own consciousness onto reality to produce criticality’s and investigate the Self. Her interests and foci are wide, she takes advantage of her art and design disciplines to articulate, to understand, and problem solve the world around her.


Reserve tickets by sending $10 via VENMO to otionfront@gmail.com

or purchase at the door while they last.


Otion Front Studio is a physical space dedicated to the exploration of movement through a poetic means of processing information. As we delve deeper into constantly changing paradigms, Otion Front aims to invoke experimental ontologies in art, performance, dance and sound. We primarily offer personal rehearsal space as well as various workshops, events and a monthly residency program exploring performative arts. 

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